GUIDE: Road Trip From Kuwait to Qatar via Saudi Arabia

Road Trip Kuwait To Qatar

This guide outlines the essentials for driving from Kuwait to Qatar via Saudi Arabia.

Before You Depart:

  • Clear Outstanding Bills: Ensure you have no outstanding dues for electricity, water, and telephone bills in Kuwait. Settle any payments to avoid potential delays at the border.


  • Saudi Arabia: Obtain a one-year visa beforehand. [Apply Visa Here]
  • Qatar: Apply for a visa through the Haya platform. If unsuccessful, book a minimum 2-night stay on Discover Qatar to be eligible for visa on arrival. [Apply For Haya Here]

Border Crossings:

  • Entering Saudi Arabia: Be prepared for biometric scans and keep all checkpoint slips for verification at subsequent checkpoints.
  • Entering Qatar: Biometric scans will be conducted again. No need for a printed Haya visa, your passport scan will suffice.

Fuel and Facilities:

  • Fuel stations and restaurants are readily available in Saudi Arabia, except for a specific 150-200 km stretch. Ensure your gas tank is at least half full before entering this zone.


  • Temporary car insurance for both Saudi Arabia and Qatar costs approximately 12-13 KD (Kuwaiti Dinar) for seven days each.

Travel Time and Safety:

  • Expect a 10-11 hour drive under ideal conditions.
  • Prioritize driving during daylight hours for a safer journey.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider downloading offline maps for all three countries in case of limited internet access.
  • Pack essentials like water, snacks, and entertainment for the drive.
  • Be mindful of local customs and dress modestly, especially in Saudi Arabia.

This guide should equip you for a smooth road trip from Kuwait to Qatar via Saudi Arabia. Remember, careful planning and preparation are key to a successful journey!

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