GUIDE: Road Trip From Kuwait to Bahrain via Saudi Arabia

Road Trip Kuwait To Bahrain Via Saudi Arabia

This guide details the steps to follow when driving between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

Here's what you need to know for a smooth trip:

  • Clear Outstanding Bills: Ensure you have no outstanding dues for electricity, water, and telephone bills in Kuwait. Settle any payments to avoid potential delays at the border.
  • Visas: You'll need a Saudi Arabia visa  [Apply Visa Here] & also Bahrain visa [Apply Visa Here]. Check if you qualify for one on arrival or apply beforehand (especially if you're not a GCC citizen). Don't forget this crucial step!
  • Car Check: Make sure your car is in tip-top shape and meets Bahrain's driving rules. Double-check registration, insurance, and all required documents. Don't forget a valid Saudi traffic sticker and insurance!
  • Map It Out: Plan your route and consider using a GPS and map to stay on track. Check for road closures, construction, or travel advisories before you head out.
  • Pack Smart: Pack essentials like food, water, a first-aid kit, flashlight, and a spare tire. Don't forget your passport, visa, and car documents!
  • Border Buildup: Be prepared for potential delays at the border. Have all your paperwork readily available for inspection. Pro tip: Avoid peak travel times (Thursdays after 11 am and Fridays/Saturdays) to dodge long queues (up to 4-5 hours!).

Crossing by Car

Kuwait to Saudi Arabia:

  1. Kuwait Exit:
    • Show documents (driver's license, vehicle registration) at the Kuwait border.
    • Proceed through passport control and immigration.
  2. Saudi Entry:
    • Undergo biometric verification (fingerprints, photo).
    • Submit documents and collect clearance slips at designated points.
    • Keep all checkpoint slips for verification at subsequent checkpoints.
    • Pay for temporary vehicle insurance (valid for your stay).
    • Final clearance is granted after vehicle inspection.

Saudi Arabia to Bahrain:

  1. Saudi Exit:
    • Hand over documents (license, registration) for clearance.
  2. Bahrain Entry:
    • Pay the causeway toll.
    • Go through immigration and obtain a visa (if needed).
    • Expect a customs check and possibly purchase new car insurance.

Bahrain to Saudi Arabia:

  1. Bahrain Exit:
    • Pay the causeway toll again.
    • Obtain a vehicle clearance slip.
    • Pass through passport control and potentially a vehicle inspection.
  2. Saudi Entry:
    • Show documents for registration and receive a Saudi customs slip.

Saudi Arabia to Kuwait:

  1. Saudi Exit:
    • Provide vehicle registration for a Saudi customs slip.
    • Pass through passport control and exit processing.
  2. Kuwait Entry:
    • Show passports and IDs for entry.
    • Submit the Saudi customs slip and receive a Kuwaiti one.
    • A final vehicle inspection is conducted before entering Kuwait.

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