Step by Step Procedure For Newborn Babies Residency For Expats in Kuwait


  1. Birth Registration

    • Ensure the spouse's name is added to the mother's or father's passport, or both.
    • Write the baby's name in English and Arabic on a piece of white paper.
    • Visit the birth registration office corresponding to your Civil ID location with the following documents:
      • Copies of both parents' Civil IDs and passports.
      • Copy and original of the marriage certificate.
    • Sign the necessary documents and retain the pink slip.
    • Return to the same office after one week to collect the birth certificate, which needs to be signed by the chief.
    • Visit the designated Ministry to stamp the birth certificate with a 5 KD fee, completing the birth certificate process.
  2. Issuing the Passport

    • Fill out the application form as required by your embassy.
    • Translate the birth certificate to English at a typing center.
    • Take the following documents to the passport center:
      • Copies of the parents' Civil IDs and passports.
      • Two photographs of the baby.
      • Signature and original birth certificate.
  3. Newborn Residency

    • Pay a 100 KD fee for the newborn's residency.
    • Visit the Ministry with the following documents:
      • Original and copy of the child's birth certificate.
      • Copies of both parents' Civil IDs.
      • Application form prepared at the typing center.
      • Copy of the baby's passport.
      • Father's work permit.

Important: Complete all these steps within 60 days to avoid any fines.

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