Most Affordable Arabic Restaurant in Kuwait


Most Affordable Arabic Restaurant in Kuwait

Are you craving delicious Arabic food and kebabs but don't want to spend a lot? Look no further!

Here's top affordable Arabic or kabab restaurant in Kuwait:

1. Aroos Damascus Restaurant

Aroos Damascus Restaurant

Arous Damascus is a restaurant located in Kuwait, serving a selection of Syrian, Arabic, Grills

2. Gharayef Restaurant

Gharayef Restaurant

Gharayef is a popular restaurant in Kuwait known for its delicious traditional dishes. They offer a wide range of Kuwaiti cuisine, specializing in Machbouss and grilled items.

3. Freej Swaeleh Restaurant

Freej Swaeleh Restaurant

Freej Swaeleh is a beloved restaurant in Kuwait, known for its authentic Kuwaiti cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes that showcase the rich flavors and culinary heritage of Kuwait.

4. Al Setinat Restaurant

Al Setinat Restaurant

Al Setinat is a charming Kuwaiti restaurant located in the bustling area of Hawalli. Known for its warm ambiance and authentic cuisine, Al Setinat offers a delightful dining experience that brings the rich flavors of Kuwait to your table.

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