Sports Square 2023-2024





Fun and Sporty Playground Days 
Get ready for a weekend full of fun, games, and outdoor activities. Bring your family and friends, and let's make these Playground Days memorable for everyone! Join us for a series of exciting and active Playground Days at various locations across the city. We want to ensure everyone has a great time while maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Please take note of the following guidelines and information to make the most out of your experience: 

Dates and Locations: 
Marina Beach: May 30-31, June 1 & June 6-8 

Event Timing: 
  • Thursday: 5 PM to 10 PM 
  • Friday: 5 PM to 10 PM 
  • Saturday: 5 PM to 9 PM 

General Information: 
  • Entry fee: 2 dinars per person per day (free for those under 5 years and servants). 
  • All areas are open during the event. 
  • Registration for sports fields (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis) is done upon arrival. 

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